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Since 1966 Dr. Purcell has directed two Ph.D. dissertations and served on six Ph.D. dissertation committees and four M.S. thesis committees.

Undergraduate Courses Taught:




 Engineering Physics


 General Chemistry


 Elements of Physical Chemistry


 Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry


 Engineering Physics III 


 Physical Chemistry 341 


 Chemical Toxicology


 Analytical Medicinal Chemistry 


 Physical Medicinal Chemistry 

 1967-69, 1981-83

 Data Processing


 Introduction to Computer Programming


 Pharmacy Mathematics


 Organic Medicinal Chemistry


 Medicinal Chemistry of Anti-inflammatory Drugs

 1987-88, 1990

 Fundamentals of Drug Design in Medicinal Chemistry


 Organic Medicinal Chemistry III

 1987-89, 1991-94

Graduate Courses Taught:




 Computer Techniques 


 Special Topics in Molecular and Quantum Biology 


 Physicochemical Interpretations in Molecular and Quantum Biology


 Doctoral Dissertation and Research Techniques 


 Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminars


 Advanced Organic Chemistry