Molecular Design International, Inc.
improving the world, one molecule at a time


MDI discovers, patents, and evaluates new drug candidates.
MDI out licenses its proprietary drugs to pharmaceutical companies having the resources to develop them through the regulatory process and to market them aggressively.

Contract Research and Development:
Drug Discovery
Custom Synthesis
Preclinical Studies
Clinical Studies
MDI has conducted contract Research and Development in the private sector and under contract with the United States Government.

MDI was founded in 1975. 
MDI is involved in discovery and out-licensing of innovative pharmaceutical compounds.
MDI has successful licensing arrangements with various pharmaceutical development companies.
MDI has a full pipeline of promising compounds in various stages of discovery.
MDI focuses in the fields of oncology, dermatology, diabetes, and obesity.

Key Features:
MDI has only two full-time employees.
Research is conducted on a contract basis by selecting the world’s leading experts.
This flexibility allows us to use the best resources in the world.
Research are at a premium but are cost-effective in the long run.

MDI's Drug Portfolio 

Available for Licensing:

Dermatology-  Two compounds have been sold to the Cosmetics Industry and are is currently on the market. 

Partners and Collaborators    
MDI partners with large pharmaceutical companies to help develop drugs and bring them to market.
MDI partners with individuals and companies to help fund research.
MDI partners with scientists to develop their discoveries through patenting, research, grants, funding and marketing.
MDI has a selected network of outstanding professional collaborators: