Molecular Design International, Inc.
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While pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies, worked as a chemist for Buckeye Cellulose Corp. and Buckman Laboratories, Inc., researching cellulose derivatives and synthetic microbicides.


Buckman Laboratories, Inc., Research Department, Memphis, Tennessee

Chief Inorganic Research Chemist.  Directed research projects aimed at synthesizing preservative paint pigments and corrosion inhibitors.

Christian Brothers College, Evening Division, Memphis, Tennessee
Instructor.  Taught college physics and chemistry.

University of Tennessee, Memphis, The Health Science Center, Memphis, Tennessee

College of Pharmacy, Department of Medicinal Chemistry.  Associate Professor.

College of Pharmacy, Department of Medicinal Chemistry.  Professor.

College of Pharmacy, Department of Molecular and Quantum Biology.  Professor and chairman.  Originated department which grew from 11 faculty and staff to 60 in five years.

College of Pharmacy, Department of Drug and Material Toxicology, Drug Design Division.  Professor.

College of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology.  Professor (joint appointment).

College of Community and Allied Health Professions.  Professor (joint appointment).


Université de Lausanne, Ecole de Pharmacie, Lausanne, Switzerland. 

Professor invité.  Leave of absence from the University of Tennessee, July 1, 1976 - June 30, 1977.

College of Pharmacy, Department of Medicinal Chemistry.  Professor.  Teach pharmacy and graduate students.  Research interests include:  drug discovery - design of molecules having desired biological activities; QSAR - quantitative structure-activity relationships in the search for new drugs, herbicides, and pesticides; molecular modeling - correlation of biological activity with physicochemical parameters and electronic indices from molecular orbital calculations..

Project Director, INSITETM
A vision Technology marketplace in development in Memphis.   

Professor, UT Memphis, College of Pharmacy, Department of             
Pharmaceutical Sciences (40% time).

1975 - present
President and CEO of Molecular Design International, Inc., Memphis, TN